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I purchased a Air conditioner unit from a company that uses HRS as a credit company, I was not told this when I purchased this unit.I was told I would have it paid off in 5 years, I have been paying on it for 8 and have not brought the balance to even half of the original price.

I just found out about this when my wife brought it to my attention that we were still getting bills from them and she had been paying them but thought we should have finished 3 years ago.

When I checked on the balance, I lost it, I want to know what can be done about this without ruining my credit.

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There are many reasons that this could have happened. First, you should look at the terms of your contract. Was this a "No interest for 5 years" deal? If so, then you probably got caught with a balance after the 5 years was up.

When that happens, the retailer tacks on the interest retroactively and then charge a huge APR to boot. If this is the case, then you are probably stuck with the debt until its paid in full (unless you can negotiate it down -- and good luck with that).

You can contact HRS and obtain monthly statements for the life of the loan (they will probably charge you a fee for this). With the old statements, you can track month by month exactly what happened.

Also, I would suggest the following website:

It is an absolutely fabulous plan to get out of debt completely and live debt free for the rest of your life.

Good luck!

HRS USA - Check your credit report !

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Hello Everyone !

FYI : I paid my debt in full to HRS USA in 2003 and somehow I' m now receiving bills from some Collection Agency (Riddle & Assoc.) stating that I owe over $700 (for Bradless) HRS USA !?!?!?!

Thank God that I saved all my bank statements & cancelled checks ! Now I wonder how long this will take to get removed !?!

This has been on my credit report since 2003 ! I dont know how to fix any of this !?!??!

Shame on me for not pulling my credit report before ! but I am extremely angry ! ! ! and very confused !?

gabriella kovacs

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